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JD Double Disc Trash Whipper Assembly

$ 991.72

Double Disc Trash Whipper Assembly to suit John Deere.

Sold complete with components and fasteners


John Deere Double Disc Trash Whipper Complete Assembly.

- Rigid residue management assembly

- Mounting bracket and stem allows depth to be changed by moving the pin

- Adjustable wheel position


x2 410-120 SX25 cleaning wheel hub

X2 412-198 DX Press wheel std shield

x1 412-231 DX Trash wipper body

x2 412-232 DX Trash whipper axle

x1 412-233 DX Trash whipper depth pin

x2 412-234 DX Trash whipper hub cap

x2 412-236 DX Trash whipper star ST

x2 412-237 DX Trash whipper cam shim

x1 436-896 JD Double disc trash whipper mount

x2 925-465 WP bearing

x1 931-058 Twist clip

x1 937-082 Key Ring

Plus Nuts + bolts to suit

If you would like the individual components give us a call

436-895 KS