John Deere Max Emerge After Market Parts

John Deere Max Emerge After Market Parts

John Deere Max Emerge After Market Parts
John Deere MaxEmerge Parts Range

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Product no.: 921-002

Coulter Disc Opener Single Bevel 15" x 3.5mm Assembly

New style 25.90mm wide angular contact ball bearing to suit xp and later maxemerge units.

Replaces John Deere OEM AA65248

Suits Norseman double disc planters - longer bolt may be required

Delivery weight: 3.5 kg
Product no.: 921-003

Coulter Disc opener Single Bevel 15" X 3.5mm

Early style Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing 18.6mm wide


  • John Deere OEM AA55927 and AA37474
  • Kinze OEM GA2013

Suits Norseman double disc units

Delivery weight: 3.44 kg
Product no.: 924-012

John Deere 4 1/2"x 15" Gauge Wheel Tyre to suit Late model John Deere and Maxemerge

Replaces John Deere OEM A84062, A77881

Delivery weight: 3.4 kg
Product no.: 938-265

Handle, closing wheel arm handle for MaxEmerge Plus.Pro, XP, Pro, 1530,1535, series planters.

Replaces John Deere OEM A86762

Delivery weight: 470 g
Product no.: 938-269

Closing wheel Kit - John Deere MaxEmerge Plus, Pro and XP Pro 1530, 1535 SERIES

Please note that this product comes assembled

Replaces John Deere OEM BA28966

Delivery weight: 11.4 kg
Product no.: 436-921

John Deere Double Disc Scraper Assembly Spring. Full assembly also available BOSS P\N 436-912

Replaces John Deere OEM A50047

Delivery weight: 40 g
Product no.: 801-470 KS

20 Point Trash whipper star KITSET

Mounts onto any 5/8" (16mm) bolt including John Deere, MaxEmerge, Excel and Norseman planters

Product no.: 938-268

Closing Wheel Arm Bush for John Deere MaxEmerge Plus, PRO, XP PRO, 1530, 1535 (2 per Closing Wheel price is each)

Replaces John Deere OEM H2204B

Delivery weight: 30 g
Product no.: 436-914LH

John Deere Double Disc Scraper Blade LH.

Product no.: 938-262

John Deere planter cast closing wheel Frame/Body. Fits MaxEmerge Plus

Replaces John Deere OEM A69141, A61351, A86763

Delivery weight: 3,800 g
Product no.: 938-258

Closing wheel assembly. 1" X 12"


  • John Deere OEM AA39968
  • Kinze OEM GA6434
  • Case-IH OEM 87695406
  • Great Plains OEM 814-174C
  • Monosem OEM 7074.N
  • White OEM 854262, 700727676
Delivery weight: 1,700 g
Product no.: 436-892 KS

John Deere Double Disc Chain Harrow Assembly

Delivery weight: 7.6 kg
Product no.: 436-960 KS

 4 1/2" x 15" Gauge Wheel Assembly to suit Single or Double disc row units 

This gauge wheel assembly consists of steel rim halves, disc scraper ring and spoked rim center mounted on a steel hub with a double row ball bearing.

Suits most units with 5/8" axle/stud/bolt including John Deere Single Disc, MaxEmerge, Bourgault 3720 ICD, Norseman, Barton

Newer models of John Deere Single Disc and Maxemerge/Exactemerge will require the metric bolt to mount up rather than the imperial.

Delivery weight: 11,200 g
Product no.: 436-914RH

John Deere Double Disc Scraper Blade RH.

Product no.: 437-173

JD Trash Whipper Floating Assembly

Retro-fits to Norseman double disc units

Delivery weight: 29 kg
Product no.: 938-267

Closing Wheel Arm Pin for MaxEmerge closing wheel assembly,

Replaces John Deere OEM A55143

Delivery weight: 65 g
Product no.: 938-264

John Deere Closing Wheel Arm Bush, two bushes required for each closing wheel arm assembly, Price is for a single bush,

Replaces John Deere OEM A55888

Delivery weight: 120 g
Product no.: 938-255

Gauge wheel arm kit for JD planter for models 1720 XP series with 5/8" (16mm) I.D hole thread bushing and mounting hardware. For wheel that uses cross hole stem bearing

Kit Replaces John Deere OEM A79648 (Arm), A57058 (Threaded bush with 5/8" ID hole), 19M8020 (M16x100 bolt), 19M7719 (M16x70 Bolt) and 2 of N282054 (washers)

Delivery weight: 2.5 kg
Product no.: 436-895 KS

Double Disc Trash Whipper Assembly to suit John Deere.

Sold complete with components and fasteners

Delivery weight: 17.6 kg
Product no.: 436-893

JD D-Disc Chain Harrow Arm

Delivery weight: 1.2 kg
Product no.: 938-245

A43066 - Standard Rate Sorghum Plate

Product no.: 436-894

JD D-Disc Chain Harrow Bush

Delivery weight: 0.3 kg
Product no.: 938-246

A52802 - High Rate Sorghum


Please call our office for availability

Product no.: JD-MU

Second Hand John Deere Vacuum Metering Unit (AA68704)

Product no.: A50617

A50617 - Standard Rate Corn

Product no.: 436-015

J.D. VAC Hose Extension A

Product no.: 938-263

John Deere cast iron closing wheel arm stop. Fits MaxEmerge Plus, Pro, XP; 1530, 1535.

Replaces John Deere OEM A55889, A87426

Delivery weight: 2,600 g
Product no.: 924-018

Closing Wheel SOLID Rubber Tyre 1" x 12"‚Äč

Suits BOSS, John Deere, Janke, Gyral, Excel and Gason planters


  • John Deere OEM A22325
  • Kinze OEM GD1085
Delivery weight: 595 g
Product no.: 436-899

John Deere Gauge Wheel Disc Scraper.

Press fits to any gauge wheel tyre (excludes Reduced Inner Profile RIP offset)

Delivery weight: 1,540 g
Product no.: H136478

H136478 - Sunflower/Popcorn Seed Plate

1 - 30 of 78 results