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Product no.: 437-102

Janke FR9 Hub Assembly

Replaces Janke OEM 1310-205

Delivery weight: 6.6 kg
Product no.: 437-100

Janke FR9 Hub and Stub Assembly

Replaces Janke OEM 1310-002

Delivery weight: 13.8 kg
Product no.: 926-026

2.4 Tonne 6stud Bedford Hub & Stub Assy 60x60

Delivery weight: 21.6 kg
Product no.: 926-027

3.2 Tonne 6 stud Bedford Hub & Stub Assy 70x70

Delivery weight: 27.5 kg
Product no.: 926-122

Dust Cap Threaded M101 x 1.5 for Monroc Wheel Hub

Delivery weight: 290 g
Product no.: 437-103

FR9 Janke Hub Cap

Replacement Janke OEM 1310-206

Delivery weight: 0.5 kg
Product no.: 926-127

Stub Axle Nut M45 x 2 mm thread for Monroc Wheel Hub 


Delivery weight: 390 g
Product no.: 926-128

Washer 45mm x 80mm x 5mm for Monroc Wheel Hub

Delivery weight: 140 g
Product no.: 926-126

Wheel Stud Nut M18 x 1.5 mm thread for Monroc Wheel Hub

Delivery weight: 60 g
Product no.: 926-124

Seal Ring 75mm x 95mm x 16mm for Monroc Wheel Hub

Delivery weight: 360 g
Product no.: 926-123

Protector Cap 75mm x 145mm x 2mm for Monroc Wheel Hub

Delivery weight: 300 g
Product no.: 924-510

M18 x 1.5 R16 Nut


Product no.: 924-511

M18 x 1.5mm stud

Product no.: 926-139

Stub Axle 110x515 (6.5T) Monroc

Product no.: 926-042

6.5T 10 Stud Bedford Axle 110 Rnd

Suits BOSS B-Frame planters

Product no.: 926-005

HT Greasable Hub Assembly with triple lip marine seal

Replaces Janke OEM 1310-201

Product no.: 926-141

Hub Cap Monroc - 110

Product no.: 414-230

Trailing Press Wheel Hub Assembly. Suits 2" x 14" press wheel rims. 5 stud holes on a 107.95 PCD

Delivery weight: 1.3 kg
Product no.: 412-012 KS

DX Disc Hub assembly, Includes Housing, Cap, Bearings and all fasteners

Delivery weight: 4 kg
Product no.: 926-039

4.5 T 8 Stud Bedford wheel hub and axle, rated at 4500KG with an 80mm diameter high tensile 4140 Grade steel Stub Axle and 8 studs @275mm PCD

Suits BOSS SupaFlex, Para-lift frame planters

Delivery weight: 40.5 kg
Product no.: 926-135

22mm x 60 Wheel Stud

Product no.: 926-136

M22 stud Nut

Product no.: 926-007
Product no.: 909-555

Split Pin 6.3mm x 75mm

Delivery weight: 20 g
Product no.: 410-041

Press Wheel Hub Assembly. Suits BOSS SX and DX Row units. Can be retrofitted to John Deere, Barton, Excel and Norseman planters.

Australian manufactured from Steel

Delivery weight: 1.5 kg
Product no.: 410-036

SX25 Single disc planter row unit disc hub assembly.

Old Style axle with greasable bearings - Complete assembly

Delivery weight: 4,900 g
Product no.: 413-190

HT Hub Guard

Protects Bearing cap and bearings. Fits over wheel studs to suit Holden HT Stud Pattern PCD 107.95mm

Delivery weight: 420 g
Product no.: 410-120 KS

Cleaning Wheel Hub and Bearing Assembly

Product no.: 413-640

HT Hub Sealed Bearing Upgrade