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Product no.: 938-192

Depth control handle

Replaces John Deere OEM N282710, N282404

Suits BOSS SX30

Delivery weight: 0.2 kg
Product no.: JD-SEEDBOX-KIT

Second Hand John Deere Seed Box Kit with Mount to suit BOSS DX50 row unit

Product no.: 412-185 SH

Second Hand Box Frame to mount a John Deere seed box to a Boss DX50 Row Unit.

Product no.: 938-245

A43066 - Standard Rate Sorghum Plate

Product no.: 938-246

A52802 - High Rate Sorghum


Please call our office for availability

Product no.: JD-MU

Second Hand John Deere Vacuum Metering Unit (AA68704)

Product no.: A50617

A50617 - Standard Rate Corn

Product no.: H136478

H136478 - Sunflower/Popcorn Seed Plate

Product no.: 938-158

John Deere Seed Tube - Front Right Hand

OEM N283738

Product no.: 938-159

John Deere Seed Tube - Front Left Hand

OEM N283739

Product no.: 938-160

John Deere Closing Wheel Arm - Right Hand

OEM AN281170

Product no.: 938-161

John Deere Closing Wheel Arm - Left Hand

OEM AN281171

Product no.: 938-150

John Deere Walking Pivot Set

John Deere OEM A82772

Product no.: 938-151

John Deere Parallel Shank Arm - Upper

John Deere OEM A76223

Product no.: 938-152

John Deere Lower Parallel Arm

OEM A52092

Product no.: 938-153

John Deere Chamber Seal, Dome Side

OEM A74191

Product no.: 938-154

John Deere Meter Scraper, Dome Side

OEM AA37076

Product no.: 938-155

John Deere Meter Knocker, to suit Sorghum

OEM AH129125

Product no.: 938-156

John Deere Depth Control Handle

OEM A90344

Product no.: 938-157

John Deere Meter Plate Hub Seal

OEM A46670

Product no.: 413-640

HT Hub Sealed Bearing Upgrade