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TD25 B Tyne Disc Opener Assembly 50x25

$ 965.50

Tyne Disc Opener Assembly 50x25mm

Consisting of twin discs with hubs and bearings: mud scarpers and metal Seed tube on a 50mm x 25mm shank

Suits any 50x25mm straight shank pocket


Tyne Disc Opener Assembly 50x25mm


- consists of twin 16" single bevel discs

- Sealed angular contact bearings

- 50x25mm shank size: 5/8" or 1/2" pin diameters with 37.5mm pin spacings

- Discs operates at opposing 4 degrees for a narrow seed trench - reduces down force requirements and creates a smaller Vee to close.

- 32mm OD Drop tube made from steel for tough broadacre applications

- Unit drags dry soil into the trench to stop exposed soil from drying out


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