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DX Gauge Wheel 2 1/2" x 15" Assembly KITSET

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DX Gauge Wheel 2 1/2" x 15" Assembly. Leave stubble standing: Deliver consistent seed placement: Achieve even crop emergence: Improve machinery life by reducing row unit bounce: Spoked gauge wheel design and Can be fitted with Boss mud scraper ring.

Suits John Deere Single Disc: MaxEmerge: Bourgault 3720 ICD


2½ Spoked Gauge Wheels

- Leave stubble standing

- Deliver consistent seed placement

- Achieve even crop emergence

- Improve machinery life by reducing row unit bounce

- Spoked gauge wheel design

- Can be fitted with Boss mud scraper ring

Trying to run in between winter stubble rows with single disc planters can be very challenging. Standard 4 1/2 gauge wheels often run on previous stubble rows causing the row unit to bounce which causes inconsistent seed placement poor or uneven germination.

Standard gauge wheels are also very prone to knocking all the standing stubble over and the benefits of standing stubble are well documented.

Boss 2½ Gauge wheels can simply be the difference between running directly on top of a stubble row: knocking all the standing stubble over and struggling with seed placement. Narrow gauge wheels are proven to leave 50% more residue standing (depending on row spacing) and maintain superior depth control.

Narrow gauge wheels are also very beneficial within paddocks with undulating soil surfaces: for example when seeding into previous equipment wheel-tracks and other depressions in the soil surface (which run parallel to the seeding pass) frequently interfere with depth control and final seed placement. The narrow gauge wheel by comparison: is better able to drop down into the same depression and help the disc achieve a more consistent seeding depth.

Boss gauge wheels are a spoke design which in sticky conditions allows mud shed off the disc to flow out through the spoked gauge wheel. The spoke wheel also provides easy visual inspection of the disc hub and internal scraper operation. Gauge wheels can be fitted with an active stainless steel scraper ring which increases tyre life and extends operation in sticky conditions.

Note: Narrow Gauge Wheels should be avoided in loose conventional soils (not that a no-till drill performs well in these conditions anyway) but depth control will be less desirable with a narrower wheel compared to a 4 ½" wide Gauge Wheel.

412-016 KS