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DX50 Spare Parts Kit - without Delta Force

Spare Parts kit to suit the Boss DX50 Parallelogram Row Unit.

Quantities are not for any specific number of row units. To enquire about pricing, quantity adjustment and ordering please ring the office.

See the description for full recommended kit parts


Recommended Spare Parts Kit - DX50 without Delta Force

2 x 924-020 KS Press Wheel Hub Assembly (comes with bearing and circlip)

1 x 410-034 KS Cleaning/Gauge Wheel Assembly (comes with spacer kit)

4 x 925-464 Bearing to suit Press and Cleaning/Gauge Wheel

1 x 412-114 Depth Adjuster Lock

1 x 412-117 Depth Adjuster Spring

1 x 412-325 Depth Cam HD

1 x 412-326 Depth Adjuster Lock Bar HD

1 x 909-082 Spring Pin

2 x 412-165LH Scraper Blade LH

2 x 412-165RH Scraper Blade RH

1 x 412-145 Press Wheel Spring

1 x 412-132 Gauge Wheel Arm Pivot Pin

1 x 412-135 Gauge Wheel Arm Nylon Thrust Washer

1 x 412-166 Disc Knocker/Seed Tube Guard

1 x 412-170 Rocker Bar

2 x 412-061 KS Disc: Hub and Bearing Assembly Kitset - Non Greaseable (Greaseable Option on Request)

1 x 412-160 LH DX Disc Axle Stud LH

1 x 412-160 RH DX Disc Axle Stud RH

1 x 900-095 3/4" UNC Lock Nut RH

1 x 900-114 3/4" UNC Lock Nut LH

The below part will be specific to your unit:

2 x Seed Tube